Surfmaid Gets Crowned

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Some things that happen in 1951:

The Rosenbergs are sentenced to death for espionage.

A dozen eggs cost  24 cents.

In May, The United States performs the first thermonuclear test as part of Operation Greenhouse. 

The first coast-to-coast telephone call is made in November.

J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye is published by Little Brown.

I Love Lucy, one of the first scripted television shows using three cameras, debuts on CBS.

The term rock n’ roll  is coined by the disk jockey Alan Reed.

Seasoned labor activists and Marxists launch a radical vision for gay liberation by founding what they call a “homophile” organization.

A photographer spots my mother, 19, at a local beach in New York. He takes her picture and she is reluctantly entered into a beauty contest.

In 1951, Patricia L. is crowned Miss Surfmaid. Accompanied by her mother, Pat travels for the first time on an airplane to Spain. In her designer wardrobe and  jewels she tours Madrid and the countryside, crying at a bullfight, posing with a toreador. The press follows her, capturing the excitement, while she inhabits a Spanish alter-ego known as, Miss Playa de Nueva York.  

Published by deirdremendoza

Deirdre is the author of the story collection, Real Lives of Married People, and the creator of DOGGED, a series about memorable canines and their human friends. Her writing has been published in Ms., The L.A. Times, Variety, WWD, and many other publications. She teaches creative writing at colleges and universities in Southern California. Coming in 2021 WG workshops!

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