After the Fall


Year Ten


Hi Deirdre

So I am sorry to say that there have been at least 20 incident reports on your mom since she moved in.   She continues to get up on her own and keeps falling.

Also, now she is getting aggressive.  I’m so sorry that this is what happens in so many cases when they have dementia and they reach another stage of the disease and they don’t remember that they could fall, but most often do.

It’s hard to believe that she is recovering from a hip replacement and has fallen already so much. Found in the closet, by the bed, and in the bathroom.  

In a Skilled Nursing Facility  (SNF) they have alarms on the beds and in the wheelchairs.  We aren’t licensed to do this.   It is just terribly dangerous for her in this state of mind.

In order for her to stay here at        , you will have to have a 1-1 caregiver for two shifts.   At night she will need to have medicine that makes her sleep through the night.   I also would need an order for a walker.   So, can you talk to Dr. Alza?  What is she taking at nighttime for sleep?

We need to talk.  Mrs. Pink says if you cannot agree to do this that we will have to give a 30 day notice and you need to look for a Skilled Nursing Facility for her.  I’m so sorry.  We are just too liable.

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Deirdre is the author of the story collection, Real Lives of Married People, and the creator of DOGGED, a series about memorable canines and their human friends. Her writing has been published in Ms., The L.A. Times, Variety, WWD, and many other publications. She teaches creative writing at colleges and universities in Southern California. Coming in 2021 WG workshops!

One thought on “After the Fall

  1. Your writing takes my breadth away.

    messages from my mom today:

    Where is my paperwork for my blood test ?

    How do I take my vitamins?

    Did my Amex number change? (she lost it) (Same questions as yesterday)

    Mom got tix (6) for the new Kenneth longeran play for her birthday next month, but also accidentally got another tix for it last night. She assured me that she would love to see it twice. Turns out Elaine May plays an old NYC Jew with Alzheimer’s. A little close to home? Mom walked out. New plans for her birthday. Tickets posted on Stubhub.

    Happy birthday Xo

    Gregg Gelman 917-374-2858


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