Problems with Pacing

“Your mother is bothering other residents. We can’t have this. Last night she set off an alarm. Then she walked into the room next door and scared Helen so badly she fell out of her bed!”

Steve McQueen + Other Lovers

…he ran into gorgeous women he knew “every ten minutes,” but that was something you had to accept if you were dating Steve McQueen.

10 Things My Father Said About Her

I couldn’t resist the pigtails and the raincoat when I ran into her on Lexington Avenue–a knockout if I ever saw one. She made me appreciate good theatre.  We saw everything on Broadway. She’s one helluvan actress. It’s 4 o’clock. Is she “napping” again? We paid 50 grand for two years of that lady shrink, andContinue reading “10 Things My Father Said About Her”

After the Luau Party     

Her story about the Luau Party was filled with the kind of lusty murmurings that awaken memories of a younger self.  The rest, the details provided here, are made up, imagined,  patched together, much like everything else I know about the twelve years in which the woman known as my mother slowly disappeared. There wereContinue reading “After the Luau Party     “