Deirdre in Ireland, where they can pronounce her name.

 ACTING OUT  is an original pilot that follows the highs and all-time lows in the theatre department of a community college. When fallen TV idol Dana Kingsley bottoms out, she finds love, redemption and recovery while reconnecting with her teenage son.

GETTING ON “Glamourpuss” A glamorous former model is sent to the women’s ward, where she finds and teaches compassion for people who struggle to identify her gender.

DOGGED “Tickle Down Theory ” (PILOT)  Economist Margot Nugget gets set up on a date by her bff Kimmy with MSNBC pundit and fellow economist Bernie Futzman. DOGGED debuted at the NYC Dog Film Festival and was in competition at The Sundance New Voices Lab in 2017.

DOGGED  “What’s Up, Dawg?”
Margot has an L.A. moment when she and Dre run into an unwoke neighbor who has a lucky arrangement with two, (much) younger women.  .

CHASTITY in YONKERS an hour-long drama based on the 1971 Supreme Court Case involving an unmarried woman whose sex life was the basis of a tenant-landlord dispute.

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