Escape From Assisted Living

“My daughter’s taken all my money, all my stuff, all gone, and she’s up in the hills… I saw her on the TV, up in the hills, and she’s taken all my money and she’s with that guy. A scary type. She left me with nothing. I know she’s up there. I saw her on the TV.  “

a beautiful day for getting lost

Year one. The weather was its usual cool perfection in L.A. That’s the way I remember it and I’m probably not wrong. A beautiful day for getting lost. To be clear, she wasn’t roaming. Roaming is sluggish, and an excellent form of leisure. While roaming,  you hope to make discoveries. I know because I likeContinue reading “a beautiful day for getting lost”

Storms in the Living Room

The Christmas tree lots were presided over by eager ruddy-faced guys, the cold turning their breath white, the orange lights on their menthol cigarettes poking from their gloved hands.  My dad made deals, slipping crisp twenties from his billfold to a palm. We were lucky and privileged and safe. Something I took for granted, asContinue reading “Storms in the Living Room”

20 Things My Mother Told Me

New shoes on the table bring a policeman to the door. (Scottish superstition) Don’t you want to put a little lipstick on? For job interviews, college interviews, things that count: just be yourself. Men stopped me on the street, or on the subway, to ask for my number. I dated Steve McQueen when I wasContinue reading “20 Things My Mother Told Me”