My Mother Was a Feminist: A Call to Consciousness

Thursday nights—when my dad met his boys for tennis at the 59th Street courts, followed by burgers and drinks at PJ Clark’s—the ladies gathered in the living room to talk about the breakdown of communication in their marriages…

“Dangerous Women” at the Frost: A Reminder That #MeToo Is Nothing New

Tapping deep into the female empowerment Zeitgeist, “Dangerous Women,” a spectacular and provocative exhibition that contemporizes historic portrayals of the female form…

Reservoir Dolls, an All-Woman Reservoir Dogs Reboot, Flips the Script
As Hollywood continues to unpack more casualties from the #MeToo movement, women are fighting back by creating the kind of work they want to see and the roles they want to play. Erika Soerensen’s Reservoir Dolls, presented by the Outré Theatre Company…

Yarn Bombing Goes Off at MOCA North Miami

You’ve probably practiced the art of photo-bombing, but you might not know the unexpected pleasures of the growing movement known as yarn bombing. This sister act to graffiti is the practice of creating fiber-based objects to adorn or disrupt…

Primal Forces Brings Communion to Empire Stage

Theater collective Primal Forces’ new production, Communion, promises “emotional fireworks” and more, says artistic director and theater founder Keith Garsson. Sparks will fly among the disparate characters: a lesbian psychiatrist, her alcoholic…

Fair Brings a Forum for Feminist Art to Brickell City Centre
“Because black lives get treated as disposable, I’m specifically concerned about who gets remembered and who doesn’t and making an insertion in our collective and cultural memory about the people that we’ve lost,” says Lindley, whose project was incubated in a Brooklyn classroom.

The Museum of Ice Cream Channels Miami Millennials’ Cravings
Maryellis Bunn, the wunderkind creative director behind the Museum of Ice Cream, opined in a New York Magazine article earlier this year that “advertising is dead.” What she meant, according to the story, is that advertising of the skirt-chasing…

Tattoo Artist Thea Duskin Offers Flash Sessions at Aqua Art Miami
If you’ve always thought your yoga-toned bod would look that much hotter with an original work of art, this could be your moment. Renowned tattoo artist Thea Duskin will offer Aqua Art Miami attendees the chance to acquire a one-off, single-session…

Bearded Ladies Cabaret Riffs on Tech and Old Hollywood 
In an age when we are tethered to our screens and gadgets, and emojis supplant real emotion, we can easily lose touch with the elements that make us human.

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